SPEEDO 2K  is a type of automotive paint that is used mainly in the spray painting trade. It must be only sprayed in a spray booth and with the correct safety equipment. Eg: masks and overalls SPEEDO 2K Paint needs a hardener to be added to it so it sets just right. SPEEDO 2K paint needs a 1.5mm spray gun tip or smaller. There are two kinds of SPEEDO 2K paints which are easily defined.

This is called ‘Basecoat’ because it needs a clear coat to be sprayed on top of it. (Basecoat is mixed with basecoat thinners and hardener only goes in the clear coat)

Solid color is mixed with SPEEDO 2K Thinners and Hardener, it does not need a clearcoat.

20 ltr / 4 ltr / 1 ltr

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