SPEEDO-an Alkyd-based automotive paint-is one of the newest brand in the automotive paints category. Integrated from YUG-COAT, SPEEDO is renowned for premium quality.

Consistent R&D efforts have enabled us to develop a bouquet of exquisite shade range comprising of 50 Solid and 12 Metallic Shades. Additionally, SPEEDO also provides shades through a mixing rack – allowing you to craft color as unique as yourself. Using a combination of the base color and any of the 100 diverse tint shades, dealers can now assort a lavish palette catered to the specific needs of different individuals.

SPEEDO Smooth Putty
SPEEDO Synthetic Automotive Paint – Solid
SPEEDO Synthetic Automotive Paint – Metallic
SPEEDO High Gloss Clear
SPEEDO Thinner

  • Unmatched surface coverage that dries quickly reducing changes of any damage.
  • Superior gloss level and good Distinctiveness of Image (DOI) to ensure exceptional color quality.
  • Elaborate color palette consisting of 50 Solid and 12 Metallic shades that provide more than enough options to choose from.
  • Superb flow and leveling to create a rich look and feel.
  • Formation of a tough, durable film which has a very high degree of resistance to gasoline.
  • Applicable on cars, vans, trucks, three wheelers, two wheelers, refrigerators, water/ air coolers, industrial machinery – just a click away – click – and we will paint it.!

20 ltr / 4 ltr / 1 ltr

Note :This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our product and their usage, which we believe but no guaranty and no warranty of any kind is made with respect there to.