It is a synthetic resin based adhesive having vast applications in wood-working / furniture industry, handicrafts, paper and paper products, textiles and other allied industries and also for domestic household applications. It gives bonding for wood to wood, wood to laminate sheets, and other multiple surfaces. It is economical in long run.

Chemical Nature Poly Vinyl Acetate Polymer Emulsion
Appearance Milky White Emulsion
Solid Contents 39 ± 1%
Density 1
pH Value 5 – 6
Viscosity 30° C Brookfield Viscometer RVT spindle no 6/20 rpm – 200 to 300 poises
Bond Strength 60kg to 70kg / cm²
Shelf life best before one year

50 kg / 20 kg / 10 kg / 5 kg / 2 kg / 1 kg / 500 gm

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