PVAC adhesives have become one of the most important adhesives in wood -working industry several different approaches have been taken to improve the moisture and heat resistance of PVAC. Wood adhesives, to meet the European standards of non structural wood adhesives (BS.EN.204) or D3 standard. Now YUG COL-ULTRA conforms the D3 (BS.EN.204) standards of Europe.

It is aqueous polyvinyl acetate dispersion with cross linking properties and stabilization with polyvinyl alcohol.


These technical data are determined for each lot before its release by our quality control.

Appearance Slightly Opaque
Solid Contents 54% ± 1
Actives 51% ± 1
pH Value 5.5 ± 0.5
Density 1.1 ± 0.02
LVT spindles no. 4/12 RPM at 30A°C
10000 ± 10% CPS
Open Time
(At room temperature and 200 micron film thickness)
5 to 10 minutes
Bond Strength (Bonding strength with load more then 295 KG) beyond this wood breaks but bond doesnt break
Rapid setting (Bonding) 30 minutes  ±  5A  for  40%  strength
2 hours  ±  10  for  60%  strength
3 hours  ±  10  for  80%  strength
6 hours  ±  15  for  90%  strength
24 hours  ±  30  for  100%  strength
Coating weight and film thickness 120gm to 180gm per mA
Dispersion particles size 2Aµm app
Min film forming temperature app. 4Aºc
Shelf life best use before six months


It is qualified for water resistant and heat resistant wood glue. The dispersion exhibits an outstanding rapid increase in bond strength when pressed at temperature higher then 20Aºc. On hot press application, it shows accelerated increase of bond strength, making it most suitable for the short contact lamination of panels with laminate sheet finishing and for best forming finishes of panel edges and profiles. It also gives excellent bonding strength to wood joining. It’s bond exhibits an outstanding heat and water resistant.

  • Water Resistant.
  • Keeping joint in cold water (or room temp) for 6 to 12 hrs, take out and dry again, the joint strength will remain almost same.
  • Keeping joint in hot water (temp up to 80Aºc) for 1 to 2 hrs, take out and dry again, the joint strength will remain almost same.

50 kg / 20 kg / 10 kg / 2 kg / 1 kg / 500 gm

Note : This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our product and their usage, which we believe but no guarantee and no warranty of any kind is made with respect to the details mentioned in the specifications above