It is milky white aqueous poly vinyl acetate dispersion with cross linking properties. Ideal for area exposed to moisture and humidity like bathrooms, kitchens, ship building and coastal areas.

Approx.700gms / 32sq.ft. in comparison with any other conventional adhesive in the market.

These technical data are determined for each lot before its release by our quality control laboratory.

Appearance Milky White
Solid Contents 46% ± 1
Active Contents 40% ± 1
pH Value 6 ± 0.5
Density 0.95 ± 0.02
Shelf life best use before one year

a) The dispersion exhibits a rapid increase in bond strength when pressed at temperature higher than 20°c

b)  The resulting water proof bonds exhibit an outstanding heat and water resistance.

c) 3 to 4 hours setting time

d) More coverage with super strong bonding

50 kg / 20 kg / 10 kg / 5 kg / 2 kg / 1 kg / 500 gm / 250 gm / 125 gm

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